Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is the matter with you people?

Alright, have you ever had it where there's just
so much nonsense in what people are saying that all
you want to do is turn around and walk in the
other direction?
Don't get me wrong, I value the opinions
and beliefs of others.
But when someone starts openly insulting you
and your own personal way of doing things,
it just gets me really frustrated.
((A woman spent a good 15 minutes criticizing
my opinion on the beauty of body art and piercings,
then another guy spent a good 5 minutes lecturing
me on behaving like a proper woman and, in a sense,
"staying where I belong: in the kitchen" kind of thing))
That just topped off my already crummy week.
Speaking of which: Sorry I couldn't make it
to the benefit or 5-hour mini comic thing, Matt.
I was feeling really sick on Saturday morning,
and I didn't feel like infecting everyone with the
plague. That would have been even more strain
on my shoulders.

Maybe doing some sketches will cool me down.

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